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I was born. I was scared. I tried to get back to the warm place, but they wouldn't let me. I cried. Since that quite unexpected and traumatic event, I've been trying to make the best of things. I've written a book called Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness, which contains a philosophy of life as well as an attempt to describe why people do the things they do. I edited a book called The Magical World of Poetry, a collection of public domain poetry that includes many of the traditional favorites and a few others I was fortunate enough to come across. Both books can be read on their respective websites, which are listed in my Links section. I also wrote a novel called Sasha and Samantha Save the World, which is available on

People Aren’t What They Do

One unfortunate practice among English speakers, and possibly among speakers of most other languages as well, is the description of people by their profession.  For instance, if Wilma practices accounting as a profession, people would say that Wilma is an … Continue reading

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Collective Consciousness

Just as a cell has no way of knowing that it is a part of a higher level of being, how would we know if we were part of a higher level of being? If there are other dimensions that … Continue reading

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Worksheet – Physics

For homeschool I created a worksheet covering a few fundamental concepts of physics, and the link below is to a pdf version of that worksheet. Physics

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Worksheets – Spanish

Below are links to a few worksheets I’ve created in order to help my daughters learn Spanish. Basics Colors Days of the Week Numbers 0 – 15 Numbers 16 – 30 Numbers > 100 Personal Pronouns Sentences – 01

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Worksheets – Knowledge, and Branches of Knowledge

Below are links to a series of worksheets I’ve prepared for homeschool. This set of worksheets deals with knowledge in general, and with some of the more popular branches of knowledge.  This group does not include a worksheet on various … Continue reading

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The Cat in the Hat Neutered

The famous Cat in the Hat was caught yesterday roaming the streets of LaJolla, California, by LaJolla animal control. He was brought to the animal shelter, and since he had no tags and had been reported as a stray, he … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

Before one can answer the question of whether or not life has meaning, I think that it’s necessary to be clearer on what is encompassed by the word meaning. If one intends that meaning be interpreted as “an inherent goal toward which … Continue reading

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