Worksheets – Knowledge, and Branches of Knowledge

Below are links to a series of worksheets I’ve prepared for homeschool. This set of worksheets deals with knowledge in general, and with some of the more popular branches of knowledge.  This group does not include a worksheet on various arts such as painting, sculpture, knitting, etc., although conceptually it would be a logical inclusion.  My daughters already know the terms for most of the popular branches of art, so I don’t have a need for a worksheet regarding them.


Branches of Knowledge – Math

Branches of Knowledge – Physical Sciences

Branches of Knowledge – Life Sciences

Branches of Knowledge – Medically Related Studies

Branches of Knowledge – Other Human-Related Studies

Branches of Knowledge – Occult Studies

Note:  The inclusion of occult studies is not an endorsement of the occult; however, the popularity of these areas of human activity have played a prominent role in human thought for many centuries, and I want my daughters to understand these terms.

About Mark James Wooding

I was born. I was scared. I tried to get back to the warm place, but they wouldn't let me. I cried. Since that quite unexpected and traumatic event, I've been trying to make the best of things. I've written a book called Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness, which contains a philosophy of life as well as an attempt to describe why people do the things they do. I edited a book called The Magical World of Poetry, a collection of public domain poetry that includes many of the traditional favorites and a few others I was fortunate enough to come across. Both books can be read on their respective websites, which are listed in my Links section. I also wrote a novel called Sasha and Samantha Save the World, which is available on
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