School Days

Due to the fact that I work full-time as well as teach my kids, I’m only able to spend about an hour working with each girl on weekdays.  For this reason we have homeschool six days a week:  four weekdays and two weekend days.  On each of the weekend days I spend three to four hours with each of the girls.

For  homeschool vacations, we’re taking four two-week breaks per year, regardless of whether I have vacation time from work.  We live in the city and don’t have a harvest to bring in, so I don’t see the need for a full summer off.  I think it would actually be counterproductive since they would probably forget a lot if they weren’t regularly reviewing it.  We take our breaks the last two weeks of the months which contain solstices or equinoxes.

For other days off, if I get a day off from work then my daughters get a day off from homeschool.  If I have to work a full day on the weekend, then they get that day off.  Also, if they have an event such as a Girl Scout meeting or a trip to Grandma’s house, then they’ll usually get the evening off if it’s a weekday, and may get the whole day off if the event falls on a weekend, depending on the circumstances (including how tired I feel).

They get Christmas, New Year’s Day  and the Fourth of July off, regardless of whether those days fall on a weekday.

If Groundhog Day falls on a weekday then they’ll get that evening off.  We watch the movie Groundhog Day each year on that day, and homeschool does not take precedence over that.  They also have to watch the movie if they want the night off.  Otherwise I’ll give them something school-related to do.

Snow days occur at my discretion, regardless of the season or the presence or absence of snow.


About Mark James Wooding

I was born. I was scared. I tried to get back to the warm place, but they wouldn't let me. I cried. Since that quite unexpected and traumatic event, I've been trying to make the best of things. I've written a book called Seek Wisdom, Practice Kindness, which contains a philosophy of life as well as an attempt to describe why people do the things they do. I edited a book called The Magical World of Poetry, a collection of public domain poetry that includes many of the traditional favorites and a few others I was fortunate enough to come across. Both books can be read on their respective websites, which are listed in my Links section. I also wrote a novel called Sasha and Samantha Save the World, which is available on
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